You have a novelist within you - it's time to stop holding it back
You can stop being an "aspiring author" and become an actual author when you take these steps to write that awesome novel of yours
Writing a novel is NOT easy

You love reading books but when it comes to writing a novel of your own, you’re stumped

See, reading is easy, you just start from page one and keep reading until you’re finished, but writing seems to work differently. It’s no wonder it feels like a mystery, we don’t often get to see behind the scenes of writing a great book. 

Maybe you’ve already tried writing a novel but you keep running into the same problems.

Maybe you don’t know where to start writing so you spend ages trying to find the right words to start from, or maybe you keep starting stories that you never finish that you keep stashing in your desk drawer. (Or in your Google Docs, it’s 2024 after all.)
Yes, you SHOULD write a novel

I want EVERYONE who wants it to become an author - not just those who have the time and the funds for a creative writing degree. We need stories from everyone and not just a select few. 

Even if you could pursue a writing degree, you might still choose not to do that yet, because you don't want to wait for someone's permission. You want to start chasing your writing dreams NOW and not four years later.

How much time and money could you save if you started writing today instead of getting a degree before you dare to even begin?

You can and should keep learning, but don't postpone writing your novel any longer. Life is short and you've got books to read and write.

Thanks, Katri! [Writing Your First Novel] has helped me focus, brainstorm, and plan, but perhaps the most important aspect is that you helped me start. I don't think I would have moved forward without the course.

Anna L.
Your finished novel is closer than you think

Imagine if you knew exactly how to put your story ideas on the page and actually write a novel from start to finish instead of starting and discarding yet another story you don’t want anyone to find out about. 

If you knew the best way to edit your novel, you could stop cringing at your writing and see it as perfectly usable material for someone’s future favourite book.

All of this can happen to you.

Writing Your First Novel 2.0 isn't just a theoretical course. 

You won't feel lost when you get our steps and tools that work for writers just like you. You know, regular people with real-life responsibilities. That laundry won't fold itself - ask me how I know.

You learn important creative writing skills even if you currently have no writing experience and I'll help you figure out what you should write about if you still haven't found your winning story idea.

If you already have an idea and some writing experience, great! You can jump right into turning that idea into a future bestseller.

If we haven’t met before, HI, I’m Katri and I created Protagonist Crafts for everyone who’s a little obsessed with writing stories. 

I’ve blogged about writing fiction since 2020 and I’ve come to learn exactly what people struggle with when it comes to writing their novels from start to finish. 

So many stories don’t get written because the writer doesn’t know where to start or because they don’t know how to fix the problems in their manuscripts, and I decided to put a stop to that and create this course.

I may be a published author who's written multiple books but I'm just like you - a person with responsibilities and not more than 24 hours in a day.

Highly recommend Katri to anyone considering her to help with their own novel.

Laura Welch


This course is for you if you want to write a novel but you need someone to show you the exact steps. You need guidance to turn your story idea into a finished novel and that's what I created this course for.

Even if you currently don’t have an idea but you have a burning desire to write a novel that people want to see on their bookshelves, this course is the answer.

I know that you’ve tried writing before and it hasn’t worked out, but Writing Your First Novel 2.0 will actually have you write “the end” on the page and mean it. 

It’s not just another course that tells you what to do, it shows you how. You can stop staring at that empty page and blinking cursor and finally start calling yourself a writer.

And then what? You can start earning money with your writing - that's your next few Starbucks orders paid for.

What's included in the course

MODULE 1: Your Story Begins Here - Find your best story ideas and learn all-important writing skills if you're starting from zero.

MODULE 2: Writing Great Characters - Know exactly who does and doesn't belong in your story and create an unforgettable main character.

MODULE 3: Story Structure - The Hidden Skeleton of Your Story - Learn the secrets of all the stories you already love so that you can structure your own novel to keep your readers reading and pages turning.

MODULE 4: Making Your Writing Shine - Avoid sloppy and amateurish writing and learn how to write descriptions that make your readers feel like they're living in your story.

MODULE 5: Writing a Setting That Feels Real - Learn how to drop your readers into your story's setting so that they never want to leave!

MODULE 6: The Novel Outline That Saves You Time and Energy - Learn to outline your novel the way that works for YOU and you'll never suffer from writer's block again! And did I mention how much time it saves you?

MODULE 7: Sitting Down to Write Your Book - Know exactly what to do when it's time to write and find more time for your writing.

MODULE 8: Editing Your Novel Without Losing Your Mind - Never dread editing again with our easy-to-follow framework and know exactly how to improve your writing.

MODULE 9: Getting Your Next Bestseller Published - Find out whether you should pursue traditional publishing or self-publish and prepare yourself for the journey ahead.

And that's not even taking into account our growing collection of bonuses!

Bonus #1: Writing great first lines

Bonus #2: Digital and printable structure maps

Bonus #3: How to use yWriter to plan and write your story for free

Bonus #4: Writing Better Dialogue workshop

Bonus #5: How to Name Your Characters workshop

Bonus #6: Titling Your Novel workshop


The Efficient Writer workshop & planner that help even the busiest writer find more time to write

What people say about the best-selling tools included in the course:
What's going to happen if you DIY your novel-writing journey?

Sure, you could Google all this by yourself and you could read all the craft books and watch all the lectures that I have read and watched. No problem.

But if you could write your novel that way... wouldn't you have already done that?

How many story ideas are you going to act on without a clue on how to actually finish those stories?

How many abandoned manuscripts can you keep hiding from everyone?

What if you have a bestseller within you but your future fans will never get to read it because you don't know how to write or edit your novel?

I'm a big reader and I REALLY want your novel on my reading list. Let's make that happen.

Isn't it finally time to stop procrastinating on your writing dreams?
When you join Writing Your First Novel 2.0, you can share your stories with the world and even make money by doing something you love.

Let's complete your order and start writing today

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RISK-FREE 365-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I'm so certain that I can help you write your first novel that I'm giving you a 365-day money-back guarantee. If you go through the whole course, you do all the work that is required and you hop on a video call with me to talk about your problems and you STILL don't know how to write the first draft of your story, I'll be happy to give you a refund within a year of your purchase. However, you do need to do the work - we don't refund changes of mind.

Things that smart people ask
  • So how does this course work?
    When you join, you get an email with your login details and with them you get immeditate access to the full course. You watch and read the lessons and do the exercises at your own pace and you have access to everything for the whole lifetime of the course. Occasionally, I add new content and update the lessons.
  • Why are YOU the right person to teach this course?
    I’ve been where you are - a passion for writing and heaps of ideas but no clue how to turn all that into stories that work or into a novel that people would love to read over and over again. I know exactly how to teach storytelling skills to people who might not have any kind of formal education on literature, I know what it’s like to want to focus on your writing even when you’ve got a life full of responsibilities and I understand the underlying structure of great stories so well I could explain it to my children. I don't do this stuff just for fun, it's my life's mission. That, and seeing as many ravens as I possibly can.
  • I already write a lot - what can this course teach me?
    I’m someone who’s always been “good at writing” which is why I used to think I didn’t need to learn anything new. Writing and reading frequently is 100% necessary if you want your writing to be great, but you can only improve so much when you don’t know what you need to improve. Knowing what makes a great story is another thing that doesn’t necessarily come intuitively to most writers and it’s something you can absolutely be taught. Since you’re reading this, I know you haven’t quite nailed writing your first novel yet, and I’m looking forward to teaching you.
  • Can't I just learn all this on my own?
    You absolutely can! But if you have a life full of responsibilities, do you really want to spend more time figuring out what you need to learn before you can even START WRITING your novel, which on its own is going to take time and effort? Learning about all this is literally a part of my job so let me save you so much time by teaching it all to you.
  • Will this course get me published?
    We do have a module on getting published where you figure out whether you should pursue traditional publishing or self-publish and you learn to prepare yourself and your novel for the journey, but we can't GUARANTEE you'll get published. In fact, no one can. In any case, the first step to getting published is writing an amazing novel - something that this course will definitely help you do.
  • Why is this course $97 when I could get a bunch of craft books from Amazon for less?
    This course is a lot more than just a book, it’s a full PATH with the exact steps you need to take to turn your story idea into a finished manuscript. I’ve distilled everything I’ve learned into these lessons and exercises, and sure, you can go and learn all of it by yourself, but how many years would that take you even before you could START writing your novel?
  • Will this novel work for me if I'm not planning to write a book in English?
    Yes! This isn’t a grammar course and we actually don’t go into grammar and proofreading in the lessons apart from mentioning when you need to do them. The principles of storytelling work in every language.
  • I want to write a memoir, will this course work for me?
    There are some lessons that would be useful for memoir writers as well but generally I don’t think it would be worth your time and money since it’s fiction we talk about here. Autofiction would be totally fine, though!
  • Can I get feedback on my writing?
    Writing Your First Novel 2.0 is a self-study version of the course so it doesn’t include feedback or personal support. You can either purchase a feedback package from me or you can see when I do free feedback sessions for my email subscribers.